iZiSwap testnet guidance

A guide on how to add izumi network and detailed description of the functionality .

Testnet creation, BNB faucet, and iZiswap usability

  1. Create a new testnet account for your safety.

2. To complete a configuration, we need to set up a “BSC Testnet” network. Open Metamask and click “Ethereum Mainnet"

Choose “ADD Network”, and fill out the form with the following information:

Network Name: BSC Testnet New RPC URL: https://data-seed-prebsc-1-s1.binance.org:8545/ Chain ID: 97 Currency Symbol(optional): BNB Block Explorer URL(optional): https://testnet.bscscan.com/

3. Import iZi tokens to your MetaMask account.

iZi Contract Address: 0x551197e6350936976DfFB66B2c3bb15DDB723250

4. Visit “Binance Smart Chain Faucet” and apply for BNB test token Binance Smart Chain FaucetLinkhttps://testnet.binance.org/faucet-smart

Input testnet Metamask address that you have created for the test and choose 1BNB from the drop-down box on the right.

You may view the successful request in the following picture:

5.Visit izumi testnet websitehttps://alpha.izumi.finance/trade/swap. Click "Connect Wallet" button to connect MetaMask wallet, and switch to “BSC Testnet”.

6. Choose the token to be traded and the amount to be transacted. In our case token A: BNB and token B: iZi. Also note, you need to keep some amount of BNB to pay transaction fees aka the gas fee for the further transactions.

8. To configure the trade slippage, click the Settings button in the top right corner of the “Swap” dashboard.

9. Click “Swap" and confirm the transaction on MetaMask

Wait for a bit; if the transaction is successful, a message will appear in the bottom right corner of the page.

Limit order

1.Click “Limit Order” to the right of “Swap” and choose the token you'd like to be traded (From: token A(you'd like to be traded), To: token B(you'd like to receive with the adjusted price).

Choose the appropriate ”Fees Rate“. The pool with a rate of 0.04% has liquidity, so we choose 0.04% and approve iZi.

2. Input the amount of tokens you want to trade. We may begin by selecting the “Market Price” (which can also be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the pop-up window) and then adjusting your target price based on the market pricing.

REMINDER: Selling below the market pricing is not advised, and increasing the “Market Price” by not more than 10% of the current price to ensure your order is filled in a quick manner.

3. Click “ADD” and confirm the transaction on MetaMask

4. Click “My Orders”, all orders can be seen online (limit price, order time, transaction rate)

5. If you want to cancel an order, you could click “Cancel” and you need to confirm on MetaMask.

6. When your order is partially or fully completed, you can collect rewards on the "My Order" page and click "Claim"

How to add liquidity

1.Click "liquidity" => "add liquidity"

2. Select the token liquidity you want to add, here we take BNB and iZi as an example. Furthermore, select the transaction fee rate you are willing to charge.

3. Enter the number of tokens you want to add and approve the use of iZi

4. After choosing the desired price range for 1 iZi in n-amount of BNB price range and the amount of iZi and BNB you want to provide, click create button and also confirm the transaction on metamask.

5. In a moment, you will be able to see a pop-up window "add liquidity successfully"

6. Go back to the liquidity page to see provided positions with the range, fee rate, and TVL information.

7. Collect swap fees:

8. Add more liquidity to existed position:

Be informed, that you can not change the fee rate or price range to the existed position.

9. Remove liquidity:

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