How to stake your veiZi

1)Click "Manage" on the left side of your NFT.

2)The next is to stake your veNFT and start earning rewards and revenue from iZUMi. Moreover, you can boost your APR if you participate in liquidity mining with iZUMi.

Stake => Confirm stake

3) If you want to extend lock-up time or add more izi of your veiZi NFT, click "Lock More/Extend time" button within your NFT management dashboard.

4) Enter the amount and click "Lock iZi" if you only want to add more iZi to your existed veiZi NFT. For extending lock-up time, change to the bigger time that it was initially and also confirm the changes by clicking "Lock iZi" You could extend iZi amount and lock-up period in one move. See the screenshot below:

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