Add Liquidity

1) Select "liquidity" => "add liquidity"

2)Select a pair you want to create a pool with, here we take BNB and iZi as an example. Furthermore, choose the swap fee rate that you are willing to charge.

3) Input the sum you are willing to provide and set the price range, which is reasonable in your opinion. You should also be ready to observe and manage your pool as the market progress. Additionally, approve your tokens if it's the first time providing liquidity for you.

4)With your pair, fee tier, and price range selected, and provided funds click “create” button and confirm the transaction on metamask.

5) In a moment, you will be able to see a pop-up window "add liquidity successfully"

6) Go back to the liquidity page to validate the provided position with the specific range, fee rate, TVL information, and NFT id.

7) Click “Collect” to claim swap fee,and click “Add” to add more liquidity to the existed position Be informed, that you can not change the fee rate or price range of the existed position and require to create a new pool, for that matter.

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