iUSD, in its full name, iZUMi Bond USD, is 100% backed by iZUMi’s collaterals and revenues. iUSD is 1:1 pegged to USD, issued by iZUMi Finance, and sold to private investors as a bond to raise funds for the future development of iZUMi’s ecosystem.

How to buy & sell iUSD

  • If you are retail investors

You could swap(Buy&Sell) iUSD via DEXs (Uniswap V3 & iZiSwap)

  1. Swap iUSD on Ethereum

  2. Swap iUSD on BNB Chain

  3. Swap iUSD on Polygon

  4. Swap iUSD on Arbitrum

  • If you are institutional investors

You could reach out to iZUMi’s team via email ([email protected]) and participate in a private sale that requires a minimum of $1M placement.

Use cases for iUSD

Users could use iUSD in two ways: stake to earn/trade with incentives

Stake to Earn: Users could stake or farm iUSD for an APR of 6%-20% and the interests are coming from the trading fees collected by iZiSwap, providing a stable income product for retail users. (Coming soon)

Trade with Incentives: To increase the liquidity of iUSD, iZiSwap will incentivize iUSD-related trading pairs, including farming incentives and trading fee cashback.

Value support for iUSD

Every week iZiSwap’s 25% revenue will be sent to iZUMi Treasury and used to buy back iUSD in the secondary market until the price of iUSD gets above 0.996 USDT. If it lasts for 4 consecutive weeks that the price of iUSD gets below 0.996 USDT, iZUMi is committed to using the treasury fund to buy back and burn iUSD within the next week. The supply of iUSD will never exceed the total value of iZUMi Treasury to guarantee safety and transparency.

On-chain Security

iZUMi Bond Farming’s security is fully backed by Cobo Safe. Cobo Safe is DaaS (DeFi-as-a-Service) in the smart contract-based environment, powered by Gnosis Safe.

It solves the limitations of existing multi-signature wallets by letting teams collaborate in accessing DeFi protocols without sacrificing efficiency for security. The focus is on role delegation and risk management through limiting operators’ access to protocols, actions and even controlling the parameters to granular trading pairs and limits. This risk-mitigated team collaboration supports custom workflows and creates a more efficient multi-signature access to DeFi where asset owners can give pre-defined operational controls to their team in a trust-less environment.

iUSD Token info

Type: ERC-20 Token on Ethereum

Ticker: iUSD

Token Addresses:

Ethereum Contract: 0x0A3BB08b3a15A19b4De82F8AcFc862606FB69A2D

BNB Chain Contract: 0x0A3BB08b3a15A19b4De82F8AcFc862606FB69A2D

Polygon Contract: 0x0A3BB08b3a15A19b4De82F8AcFc862606FB69A2D

Arbitrum Contract: 0x0A3BB08b3a15A19b4De82F8AcFc862606FB69A2D

zkSync Contract: 0x1382628e018010035999A1FF330447a0751aa84f

Mantle Contract: 0x0A3BB08b3a15A19b4De82F8AcFc862606FB69A2D

Linea Contract: 0x0A3BB08b3a15A19b4De82F8AcFc862606FB69A2D

Base Contract: 0x0A3BB08b3a15A19b4De82F8AcFc862606FB69A2D

iZUMi Treasury Ethereum: 0xe3071f78fbc34c0043820229283cc3b5621b75dc

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