Pro Version

1.Visit the official website and choose the "Swap" function. Click on the "Pro Version" button.

2.Select the trading pair that you want to trade

You can search for a specific token using its name or contract address. For example, if you want to trade BNB/USDT, you can add the tokens to your favorites for easy access in the future.

In the Limit Order mode, you can see the current prices, 24-hour rises and falls at the bottom of the navigation bar. Enter the price and quantity you want to trade in the "Order Price" field.

Tips: You can use the anchor point to quickly locate your position ratio.

After inputting all the required information, you will see the "Order Value" in USD pricing.

Approve USDT, then click "Buy BNB".

4.On the left, you can see the K-line charts for various levels of tokens. Below that, you can see the trading volume for the corresponding levels.

On the right, you can see various limit orders, pending orders, and volumes. You can switch to see the latest transactions.

5.At the bottom of the page, you can see all the limit orders you have made, along with their status such as time, price, amount, and fill.

You can click on "Cancel" to cancel a limit order.

6.You can click "Past Orders" to view the history of your orders.

After checking "Show all trading pairs", you can see other pairs’ limit orders.

7.Switch to "Market" mode

input the amount you want to swap and click "Approve USDT". You can see your discovered assets for the current trading pair in the "Assets" section.

Click on "Buy BNB" and the swap will be executed at the market price immediately.

8.Click on "Back to Lite" to switch to the Lite version.

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