Token info

a. Type: ERC-20 Token on Ethereum

b. Ticker: iZi

c. Total supply: 2 billion iZi tokens


Ethereum Contract: 0x9ad37205d608B8b219e6a2573f922094CEc5c200

BNB Chain Contract: 0x60D01EC2D5E98Ac51C8B4cF84DfCCE98D527c747

Polygon Contract: 0x60D01EC2D5E98Ac51C8B4cF84DfCCE98D527c747

Arbitrum Contract: 0x60D01EC2D5E98Ac51C8B4cF84DfCCE98D527c747

zkSync Contract: 0x16A9494e257703797D747540f01683952547EE5b

Mantle Contract: 0x60D01EC2D5E98Ac51C8B4cF84DfCCE98D527c747

Linea Contract: 0x60D01EC2D5E98Ac51C8B4cF84DfCCE98D527c747

Base Contract: 0x60D01EC2D5E98Ac51C8B4cF84DfCCE98D527c747

Manta Contract: 0x91647632245caBf3d66121F86C387aE0ad295F9A

Token allocation

Vesting schedule

Token DistributionAmount of Token% of Total SupplyRelease Schedule




10% release at 6 months post initial listing date, and the rest linearly released in 18 months.




3% initially in Uniswap V3 and the rest released in the next 4 years.

Private Round



10% release at listing date, and then 3 months cliff, and the rest linearly released in 12 months.




10% release at 6 months post initial listing date, and the rest linearly released in 18 months.




after listing.




after listing and reserved for marketing campaigns

✅Proposal Name: 2022-1 Proposal of Promoting veiZi

Proposal Details:

  1. All the investors will receive veiZi instead of the unvested iZi of the next 12 months.

  2. All the veiZi will be set to be unlocked on Mar 20th, 2023, in accordance with the final release date of SAFT Distribution Schedule.

The Changes of Vesting Schedule:

This proposal will affect three parts of the vesting schedule: Private Round, Team & Partnership. All these iZi tokens were supposed to be released are going to be locked as veiZi for the next 12 months. these veiZi is set to be unlocked on the 20th of March 2023.

iZi and ve-iZi

iZi token

iZi token is izumi platform's utility token, it can be used to incentive pool set-up and other tools' usage. Additionally, users need to stake iZi token to acquire ve-iZi token, which is izumi platform's governance token that enables holders to be eligible for a range of benefits and participate in governance.

iZUMi DAO veNFT(veiZi)

Note: iZUMi Finance will launch veNFT when the platform starts DAO governance with the iZUMi community.

1. What is iZUMi DAO veNFT(veiZi)?

  • iZUMi DAO veNFT(veiZi) is the governance token of iZUMi Finance.

  • veiZi is designed to fully represent the governance rights of iZUMi Finance.

  • veiZi, calculated by the locked iZi number and time, describes the voting power.

  • veiZi is compatible with the ERC721 standard, which could be transferred and traded as other NFT.

2. How to calculate the voting power of veiZi?

  • x1x_1: locked number (iZi)

  • x2x_2: locked time left (block), maximum 4 years

  • veiZi voting power = x1(x2/4yrs)x_1*(x_2/4 yrs)

Note: This algorithm sets the voting power of veiZi to be both amount- and time-weighted, which is suitable to represent a community member’s support and confidence in iZUMi Finance.

3. What are the functions of veiZi?

  • Voting:

DAO governance and Quadratic voting will be adopted to determine key issues. Every cycle’s iZi emissions will be determined and allocated according to veiZi voting power. The owner of the veiZi can delegate the voting right to another address.

  • Staking:

50% of platform revenue will be used to buy back iZi and sent to veiZi holders according to voting power every month. In the first 4 yrs, 40M iZi per year staking incentives will be sent to veiZi holders.

  • Boosting:

With NFT staked, veiZi will be used to boost the LiquidBox pool APR up to 2.5x. The boost mechanism will calculate your earning weight by taking the smaller amount of two values. The first value is simple, it's the amount of vliquidity calculated from the LP NFT the user staked on the iZUMi platform. This amount is your maximum earning weight.

min((vliquidity40/100)+(TotalvliquidityVotingPower/VotingTotal(10040)/100,vliquidity)min((vliquidity∗40/100)+(Total vliquidity∗Voting Power/Voting Total∗(100−40)/100),vliquidity)

Note: This algorithm is designed according to the CURVE boosting algorithm.

The incentives for farming pools are distributed at a certain ratio in a scenario where unconsumed emissions will be distributed to $veiZi holders.

4. How to get veiZi?

  • Any address could mint veiZi by locking iZi for a certain locked time.

  • Any address could transfer or receive veNFT, which means veNFT could be traded on the NFT marketplace like Opensea.

  • Any address could add iZi into any veiZi without affecting the locked time

  • Any address could combine A veNFT to B veNFT if B’s locked time is longer than A’s, and A’s locked number will be added into B’s.

  • Only the owner’s address could extend the locked time up to 4 yrs, unlocking in advance is not supported.

5. How to redeem veiZi?

The users could redeem veiZi and get back locked iZi after the locked time (block) has been reached.

6. How to use/stake veiZi with your address?

  • Staking: every address could stake one and only one veiZi.

  • Unstaking is available anytime after you claim all rewards. If you unstake veiZi before claiming rewards of a farming pool, your farming rewards may be reduced due to the cancellation of boosting.

7. Why do you need veiZi?

  • veiZi reduces the circulation of iZi in the secondary market

  • veiZi could get staking rewards every month, making it into an interest-bearing asset.

  • Stake veiZi once and it could be used unlimited times to boost the reward of farming pools.

  • No worry about the liquidity of locked iZi. veiZi can be traded in the mainstream NFT market, like Opensea.

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