About veiZi

  • What is veiZi,What can veiZi use for?

iZUMi DAO veNFT(veiZi) is the governance token of iZUMi Finance. ve-iZi can be used

  1. Vote in iZUMi's DAO.

  2. After stake, get iZi repurchased by the platform every month.

  3. Increase the revenue up to 2.5X in LiquidBox.(coming soon)

More detail:(link to tokenomics or veiZi intro

  • Where to lock ve-iZi? Can I get it back after I lock it?

Users can mint veiZi by locking iZi for a flexible period of time(up to 4 years). after reaching the unlock time (block), users can redeem veiZi and get back iiZi. You can lock iZi to get veiZi by clicking on the "Locker" tab on the left menu.

Learn more:(link to ve-iZi tutorial

  • Where can I stake ve-iZi?

You can Stake veiZi NFT through NFT's Manage option after obtaining veiZi NFT.

Learn more:(link to veiZi tutorial

  • How to check my veiZi?

You can see your veiZi in Locker-my veiZi NFT of iZUMi website, and you can see your veiZi in your opensea account.

  • How to count the number of veiZi?

It depends on how long you lock iZi, The longer you lock iZi for, the more veiZi you receive. The minimum lock-up time is 7 days and the maximum is 4 years.

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