Get iZiSwap LP NFT

Select "LiquidBox" - "iZiSwap Farm", and we have 3 liquidity mining models: "Fixed Range", "One Side", "Dynamic Range". Learn more details about models, click here.

Here we take "Dynamic" - USDT/BNB as an example.

Click the "Connect Wallet" button to connect your wallet.

Click the “Details” button “🔽” on the right of the “ USDT/BNB”.

Set the volume of BNB and USDT, input the number of USDT, it will automatically give the number of BNB.

Price range is seated as the default, you can change it as you wish, but follow the default price range will get the maximum APR.

Approve USDT. Then click “Add Liquidity”,and confirm the transaction on wallet.

After you click "Add Liquidity", we will help you to get a Positions NFT from iZiSwap.

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