One Side

To know more about “One Side” model, please check:

1.Visit the official website: and go to the farm function from the left sidebar. Go to the “One Side”, here we take APEX/WETH as an example.

2.Click the "Connect Wallet" button to connect your wallet. iZUMi's LiquidBox is supporting liquidity mining on Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum.

3.Click the “Details” button “🔽” on the right of the “ APEX/WETH”.

Click “Get UniswapV3 NFT”

4.Set the volume of APEX and WETH, input the number of APEX, it will automatically give the number of WETH. Price range is seated as the default, you can change it as you wish, but following the default price range will get the maximum APR.

Approve APEX and WETH.Then click “Add Liquidity”,and confirm the transaction on wallet.

5.After you click "Add Liquidity" , we will help you to get a Positions NFT from Uniswap V3.

6.Then we will stake your UniSwap V3 NFT on LiquidBox automatically.

7.You can choose a boost rate here, and the rate up to 2.5x.This process needs some $iZi to stake.

8.When you have a liquidity mining position in iZUMi, you can boost the APY with “Boost”.Click “Boost”

9.Input the amount you want to stake,Click “Approve iZi” then click “Boost”

10.Click the “Harvest all” or each “Harvest” button, the reward will be sent to your wallet.

11.About withdraw, you should firstly “Unstake” your NFT. Your position and rewards will be sent to your wallet automatically in a few minutes.

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