Bond Farming

Bond Voucher ft. Solv Protocol

iZUMi Finance held a Bond Voucher sale through Solv Protocol valued at 2,500 WETH and 550,000 BIT.

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Highlights of this offering:

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Use Cases for Bond Farming

  • For liquidity providers, Bond Farming lowers the risk of impermanent loss while giving a higher and stable profit.

  • For protocols, Bond Farming with iZUMi Finance could help them attract better on-chain liquidity on DEXs, with higher efficiency of Liquidity incentives, which is vital to the survival in a bear market. It’s a win-win situation for both the liquidity providers and the protocols if they adopt Bond Farming on iZUMi.

Repayment Guarantee & Securities

  1. The funds raised will be stored in the multi-sig wallet co-managed by Solv, iZUMi, and Cobo. The wallet will then be used to add liquidity to the Uniswap V3 BIT-ETH pool vault on iZUMi. At maturity, the fund will also be claimed through this wallet to maintain transparency for the use of the raised fund.

  2. iZUMi will collateralize 8 million USD worth of iUSD tokens.

  3. iZUMi will use the Treasury wallet to sign the Repayment Statement via EthSign. At maturity, iZUMi promises to repay the principal and the interest.

  4. iZUMi’s smart contract has been audited by Certik and Blocksec.

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