On-chain Financial Products

Impermanent Loss (IL) Insurance

Insurance protects liquidity providers from any financial loss of principal as it effectively helps to manage the risk, and it is suitable for all market conditions. The strategy of the product is to seek the best price on centralized and decentralized exchanges to hedge the position through spot or derivatives, and maintain the balance with the lowest cost. It ensures that the LPs can obtain a more stable yield without losing the principal in a non-custodial way. Here is the detailed information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zmmIPARWrLP0h5Ugme1rapW5bt68RLGCTWPeRFjSPWc/edit#

Dual Currency Product

Dual currency product is a non-guaranteed wealth management product with floating income involving two currencies. It can help users earn returns when the price goes up, and earn more BTC than directly buying at the current price in the downtrend. All of the processes will be done on iZUMi Finance in one-click!

Fixed Income Product

Fixed Income is a principal protected product with 10% APR during 30 days.The underlying strategy is Bond Voucher and is secured by the iZUMi Finance’s credit and native tokens. The revenue generated by liquidity farming will first be used to repay the investors. All funds raised will be stored in the multi-sig wallet to ensure security. iZUMi Finance has issued the bond with Solv Protocol several times which is also trusted by Ivy Ventures, Cobo, Mirana and other institutional investors. Here is the example of Bond farming

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