About iZumi Bond

  • What is iZUMi bond?
Bond Farming is the latest paradigm of on-chain financial derivatives innovation presented by iZUMi Finance based on the team's deep understanding of traditional finance and focused research in the DeFi industry. learn more by clicking here
  • What is Bond Farming?
Bond Farming is a structured method of liquidity mining, providing risk-free earnings to bondholders. You can view more use cases of Bond Farming here(link to bond farming
  • What is iUSD, How to buy/sell iUSD?
iUSD, in its full name, iZUMi Bond USD, is 100% backed by iZUMi’s collaterals and revenues. Learn more clicking here
  • What can iUSD use for?
Users could use iUSD in two ways: stake to earn/trade with incentives learn more: (link to iUSD use cases
  • What is the value support for iUSD?
We guarantee iUSD value through weekly buyback.